Risk preference | Decisions from experience | Medical decision making

Most decisions that we make in our daily lives are based on experience: We often start off with complete uncertainty about the potential outcomes of a decision, then gradually learn about these outcomes through exploration, before making a final and consequential choice. The following are examples of my work on such "decisions from experience".

  • The impact of affect on search and choice
    Emotional states may have evolved to serve as an "informational gateway" to the external world, for example, by signaling a potential threat. In this project, I combined field and lab studies to examine how people's incidental emotional states shape search and choice in decisions from experience. Read more.

  • The role of cognitive aging and task complexity in exploratory behavior
    Fluid intelligence steadily decline across the lifespan starting in early adulthood. How does this influence how people explore choice environments and learn about statistical contingencies? I addressed this question in a series of studies in the lab and with mobile assessment. Read more.