Data & Code

I am a data-science enthusiast and extensively use R and Python to implement advanced statistical methods and various modeling approaches. For instance, I conduct multiverse analyses such as specification curve analysis and Bayesian model averaging (e.g., using bas), general Bayesian modeling (e.g., using stan and rstanarm), psychometric and latent-variable modeling (e.g., using psych and lavaan), network visualization (e.g., using qgraph), and I also employ machine-learning tools such as unsupervised learning algorithms and mixture models (e.g., using scikit-learn).

I track all of my data and code with git to foster transparent and reproducible research practices. The git repositories containing my data and code are directly linked to my OSF profile and can be retrieved from If you are interested in an introduction to version control with git please have a look at the slides of a brief tutorial that I recently prepared.